Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Natasha Haught Fudge

Since London Spring 2005 I...

  • Lost my job
  • Traveled to South America
  • Directed a short film
  • Worked with Joey Lawerence
  • Got pregnant with twins
  • Finished my degree in Film
  • Read Harry Potter Book 6 and 7
  • Changed my name to Natasha Haught Fudge
  • Started working on a children’s book
  • Finished last in a half marathon
  • Got married

Of course it wasn’t all in that order but it sounds pretty funny. My life is great. Morning sickness is the worst. I miss London.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hi everyone! It's so great to read about what everyone has been doing. I graduated from BYU in August 2006 and then had the opportunity to do a four month internship at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland (the picture is of me with some of the people I worked with in Geneva). It was a wonderful experience and taught me a lot! The next fall I started my graduate program at NYU in Childhood Education. I am in my last semester and graduate this December! I am really looking forward to transitioning from being a full-time student to a classroom teacher. I really miss London and hope to travel back there sometime soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This update catches me at a particularly transitory stage. After graduating from BYU a year after our London, in August 2006, I entered the MTC that September without even seeing my physical diploma. I served in the Kentucky Louisville Mission with a number of terrific companions in three different areas -- two country towns on the outskirts of the mission boundaries and the last in the east side of Louisville. Teaching the gospel and the people I met in Kentucky completed my life in a way I could never have anticipated.
While serving my mission, my family moved to Wynyard, England (that's northeast England, about an hour south of Newcastle) because of my dad's job with Huntsman. So when I returned 'home' in April, I gave my homecoming talk to the wonderful Billingham Ward, who all came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed listening to my accent. I had a fabulous summer touring Scotland/Ireland, France and Italy with my family, but because I've decided to work before I earn a master's degree I returned to Utah in September and now revise my life plan on a daily basis. If anyone is aware of any entry-level public relations job opportunities, hook me up!
Picture 1: At the MTC Sept. 06
Picture 2: Day trip to Whitby June 08
My blog is chimericallyme.blogspot.com although I hardly ever update it; my e-mail address is anderson.rachel22@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah S.

In April of this year I graduated from BYU with my BA in Dance Education and a minor in Sociology Teaching. I am currently at San Diego State University pursuing an MA in Secondary Education: Curriculum and Instruction. I have done a lot of traveling since London, including South Africa and a study abroad in China (yes, I was in the earthquake on May 12, 2008). I am still dancing and loving every minute of it. I am heavily involved in my ward out here in San Diego, and I was recently called as second counselor in the Relief Society Presidency.


Hello all! I’ve enjoyed reading your updates. Here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to …

After that wonderful term in London of Spring 2005, I went to Italy for a month to be with my sister & her family who was living there. It was amazing, I miss Europe! I then went back to BYU to start my sophomore year, started the Social Work program, & also started working at the Museum of Art on campus. During my sophomore year I met my husband JT. We dated for a year & then were engaged for three months, getting married in April of 2007. JT accepted a job offer in New York City working for an investment bank after his graduation so we headed to the East Coast. To complete my degree I took classes at a college & via independent study & did an internship with LDS Family Services. During my internship I worked mostly doing adoptions & it was the greatest, hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! We lived in the financial district of NYC for one year & absolutely fell in love with the city. The museums, restaurants, shows, people, & excitement of the city was so much fun. About two months ago my husband received a job offer to work for a hedge fun in Greenwich, Connecticut (about 45 minutes on the train from midtown Manhattan) so we left the city & moved the suburbs. I like Living in a cute New England town with the added bonus of being able to explore NYC a few times a week & having a car to explore the rest of the East Coast. I am currently working on finishing independent study (I only have one class left) & will graduate in December & hope to work for a Social Work agency.

I still talk often about my love for London & my husband has never been there. We are hoping to take a trip next year so I can show him my favorite town!

We post about our adventures on the East Coast at www.jtandlizziedavis.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


After London 2005 I got bitten by the curiosity bug and took Arabic 101 my last semester at BYU. Suddenly my last semester became 3rd to the last semester and stayed two more semesters in order to get a minor in Arabic. One of the semesters I spent in Morocco learning the most useless dialect of Arabic there is.

Why Morocco? It was supposed to be Egypt, but Lebanon and Israel decided to go to war and the powers that be thought we would be safer in North Africa, a far more extreme and conservative area when it comes to Islam. I've absolutely grown to love Islam and Muslims.

I lived in Fes in the part of town that is over 1,000 years old and still going strong. The part of town where people don't believe in toilet paper. And where the only way to bath is in a public bath house naked in front of lots of other naked women. Oh no! There I go babbling about the Middle East again.

I graduated in 2007 and after a brilliant summer with Natasha, Carrie, and Rochelle I - yes - moved to London. You know where we had classes in the Hyde Park Chapel? I go there for institute, church, and FHE. I'm getting my MA in Middle Eastern Studies, specifically Film and Society in the Middle East, from the University of London.

I'm not fluent in Arabic as it requires more time in the Middle East, so hopefully that will happen after this year. Nor am I fluent in the language of love as I am still as single as ever, but not without great stories of both being tread on and treading on the road of romance. Depending on the day I think guys are either great or big fat retards.

I love London. It is a great base for traveling (if the money is there, that is) and I've been able to visit lots of places, and in turn, be visited by a number of family and friends, including Carrie and Rochelle.

This all sounds so great on paper, but I've discovered that life is life no matter what exotic location one is in. In fact, emotions tend to be more extreme away from home. So it can be really great and really lonely. But it is worth it when Christ supports me through it all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I graduated in April 2007 (BYU) and moved to Wisconsin in July '07. Currently I work at Apple and a commercial real estate company and am starting a photography business. I love living near my family and am enjoying life! But oh how I wish we could re-live London!

This picture is of me in Kirtland, OH where I ran into Andrea Hymas! She is doing great btw.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I just got married in April to my best friend. We moved to Salem Oregon about two months ago, and are loving it. My husband Dave is going law school in Salem, and I am finishing my master's in public policy at Oregon State.

Tricia Campbell Myers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


After returning from London, I had three more years at BYU in the film program. I made a lot of movies...including an independent feature, music video, and other such nonsense! I graduated in April 2008 and am now working freelance in the film industry.

I've had two gigs this summer. The first was an ABC network project called High School Musical: Get in the Picture... it was that one reality show with Nick Lachey. Yeah. It was actually really, really fun! I had a great time working with the ADs. Most recently I worked on editing an informercial.

On my days off from the film industry I substitute teach, which I absolutely love! It's great not having to prep or correct, rather I just get to teach! And I love it! I also do some days at LDS Philanthropies which is where I worked all through my undergrad.

Besides that, nothing too life changing! I'm chilling in Provo for the time being and living with my sister who just started college.

On a side note, I love traveling, and I did a lot of it this summer: New York; Roadie across NV, CA, AZ, and Southern Utah; Oregon (Diamond/Crater Lake); and I'm heading to DC next Tuesday (the 9th). Woot! So any suggestions about what is a must see....

(PS This is me next to a statue in the financial district in Manhattan...we're very concerned about what is in the briefcase... and up top is me on the Angel's Landing hike in Zion National Park on my most recent roadie.)


After London, I spent another year at BYU before moving up to Salt Lake to work at the Governor's Office and go to the U. I spent 2 years there and have just moved to New York to intern at W Magazine. I'll return to Salt Lake in December and am set to graduate from the U in the Spring, but I'm looking into transferring back to the Y.

William & Samantha

Long story short, we graduated in April 2006, we went to Japan to teach English in July 2006, I got pregnant in Japan, we moved back to Chicago and had Zara in July 2007, she's now about 14 months. William just started grad school at Northern Illinois University for communications, and I work part time from home, full time stay at home mom, and I'm starting to teach tap again.


After London I returned to BYU where I met my husband, Tom, in September 2005. We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple on March 25, 2006, and we both graduated from BYU in April 2006. That July we moved to Los Angeles so that Tom could attend law school at UCLA. I worked at the UCLA hospital until earlier this year. On April 22, 2008, we had a wonderful little girl named Harper and are currently enjoying the challenges of becoming parents. We are now in Tom's final year of law school and are going to be in Los Angeles long term since he just accepted a job with a law firm that is just a few blocks from the LA temple. I hope everyone is doing well! If you're ever in LA, I would love to get together!


After London 2005, I left BYU and transferred to Portland State University in Portland Oregon (my hometown). I graduated in August 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education, and got married last December 2007 to my high school sweetheart, Brian. We then moved back to Utah at the end of June, because Brian is working as a Field Engineer on the Frontrunner South (commuter rail from SLC to Provo). I am working at Volunteers of America, Utah, as a Development Support Coordinator, where I'm working on writing grants and other administrative things. We are living in West Jordan, where we bought a home, and are enjoying life. If others are still in Utah, it would be fun to plan a reunion sometime! I have a blog I keep updated fairly regularly: www.dagslandfamily.blogspot.com and I'm also on facebook and myspace.
Hope all is well with all of you! I have many wonderful memories of London and of all of the great friends I made in those short 6 weeks, and dream of returning someday.
Catherine (Stevens) Dagsland


I graduated from BYU in 2006, started working full time then came to the Singapore Mission and have been serving in Malaysia for the last year... I am not sure I will ever come back. Lucky for me Bollywood films taught me a lot about the crazy Indians I teach here and every house I enter they are on -such temptations I tell you. And London's

Indian food scene is nothing compared with Malaysia. I have been serving in the rich heights of Singapore, the jungle of tribal Borneo people, and now back in the city of Kuala Lumpur. No matter where I am or what type of adventure it is, I love most teaching the gospel and seeing countless lives changing.

Hello everyone!

It has been three years! I hope we can use this as an outlet to catch up with what has been going on in everyone's lives by posting periodic updates and exciting announcements. Enjoy!